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Transnistria. The ABC-book for philatelist

The name of the outstanding Russian commander Alexander Suvorov is inseparably linked with history of Transnistria. Thanks to brilliant victories of Suvorov army in Russian-Turkish war of 1787-1791 the Dniester region becomes a part of the Russian Empire. It predetermined its further development within a Slavic civilization. Suvorov's value for Transnistria shows that fact that, for two last decades its image is present on bank and postage notes.

In the early nineties, when the republics of the former USSR began to enter own currencies, the huge mass of the Soviet money rushed to Transnistria. Trying to protect the financial system, the PMR government in July, 1993 made the decision to modify the Soviet banknotes by gluing on them special stamp with Suvorov's image and face value designation.

The initiative of the PMR national bank was supported completely by Transnistrian post having changed fiscal stamps by graceful overprints. Having painted over digital face value silver paint, and, having put over it letters of the Russian alphabet, post inhaled new life in memorable vignettes with the image of the great commander.

The first overprint issue of warranty face values took place on June 19, 2002 - a set of 5 values of post tariff "A". For decade in the post were used 13 overprints with Suvorov image and Cyrillic letters were "А", "Г", "Д", "Ж", "З", "И", "К", "Л", "М", "О", "Т", "У", "Ц". Each letter corresponds to the certain post tariff.

When manufacturing overprints in the state printing house of Transnistria quite often there were printing incidents. As that, lack of warranty face value or its essential shift, drawing of inscriptions "Post" and "PMR" on Suvorov's image or over the limits of drawing of issue. And also was drawing the erroneous year of the edition "2000" instead of "2001". Similar mistakes are anything other, as the typographical garbage which is subject to immediate destruction.

However, the considerable part of printing defects regularly gets to the post circulation, is on sale in windows of post offices and from there removes to the most grateful owners - to ubiquitous philatelists - to fans of funny things, mistakes and tests.
The Transnistrian alphabetic overprints printing on the fiscal Suvorov stamps is one of the most interesting definitive issues of the former USSR. It is a fascinating plot for system research not only in the field of military and historical sciences, but also in the sphere of applied linguistics and even philately.


Tajikistan. To tease the Dragon

In news from June 29, 2010 the website “UkraFil” told a real story how because of bungling of the officials of post department in Dushanbe almost there was the international incident between the Red Dragon communistic China and godforsaken feudal Tajikistan. On label of the Tajik postage issue 2003 in geographical contours of China isn't designated the territory of Taiwan. The diplomatic scandal managed to be avoided thanks to silent reconciliation of the parties. Grown wise historical experience Chinese followed a known Latin maxim: "Aquila non captat muscas" (The eagle doesn't catch flies).

However, the funny case with an ill-starred Olympic sheet wasn't limited by one oversight. Instead of execution of the oath promise to destroy unsold edition of the official publication, the Tajik officials addressed to publishing house «Belarusian printing house» with request to return them the remained specimens of postage issue. Namely, uncut sheets with an additional margin which were stored in the printing house warehouse waiting for special orders of the customer. Unpampered by high salaries the Tajik post officers would be very much desirable to earn additionally on sales of the "left" unrecorded material.

Meanwhile it’s not known how will arrive the Chinese management in new reality, whether leaves unpunished game in policy and whether will agree on the next indulgence to the former Soviet republic. But to the collectors of sports subject such turn of events obviously to liking. Philatelic opening only begin. Finally to put end in this history is still early.


Russia. Border on lock

On October 10, 2012 the Russian Federation post plans to issue a postage stamp dated for the 500 anniversary of regular service on protection of Russia borders. On stamp against the map of the Russian Federation painted in colors of National flag are represented the images of boundary post and crossing rifles and drafts. On circle is presented the wreath from oak and laurel branches.

The issue is printed in mini sheet of 11 values and 4 labels.
Design: А. Povarikhin.
Size of stamp: 42х30 mm.
Edition: 341 000 copies (31 000 sheetlets).

The Russian border service conducts the history since May 16, 1512 when the Moscow Grand Duke Vasily III approved «An order to Ugrian military leaders» - the first Russian charter of border service. From that time on every year in the early spring began to gather armies for execution of coast guard for the purpose of reflection of attacks of Tatars. Since then protection of the southern boundaries in the Moscow state began to turn into the nation-wide duty.


Latvia. The smithy of shots

On October 8, 2012 the Latvia post introduces into circulation a postage stamp devoted to the 150 anniversary of formation of the Riga technical University. The oldest University in Latvia, created in 1862, carries out the preparation of technical experts at 8 engineering faculties. At the moment in University are trained over 16 thousand students.

Artist: Arnis Grinbergs
Edition: 100 000 copies.
Printed by the State printing house "Baltijas banknote", Latvia.


Ukraine. "Solar circle, sky around"

Within the VII International charitable competition festival «Happy palms» for talented orphan children who had a rest in the International children's center "Artek", the enterprise “Ukrpochta” organized the competition on the best drawing on subject «My favourite Ukraine». Following the results of competition the first place was occupied by drawing of fourteen-year schoolgirl Alyona Panasyuk from Vinnytsia region. Its work is chosen for the printing on stamp. On October 9, 2012 a postage issue will be introduced into circulation. The young artist represented on stamp the bright world of the Ukrainian nature under the shining sun.

The issue is printed in mini sheet of 16 values with decorating margins.
Artist of stamp - Alyona Panasyuk.
Multicolored; printing – offset.
Size of stamp - 33 x 30 mm.
Perforation frame - 13 1/4
Protection: microprint "А. Панасюк". In UV light is shine the words «Україна», «UKRAINA» a dashed line and the sun.
Edition - 150 000 copies.
Printed on SE “Integrated Printing Plant “Ukraina” for production of securities”.


Russia. Full Throttle

On October 5, 2012 the Russian Federation post introduces into circulation a postage Block devoted to the completion of construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. On stamp in block is represented the photo from building site of the gas pipeline, a pipe building vessel Castoro Sei. On block margins is the project symbol - A. Meller's picture "Catherine I" (1712). This portrait is written in Greifswald city (Germany) - the final point of "Nord Stream" route.

Design: R. Коmsa.
Size of Block: 113х88 mm.
Size of stamp: 50х37 mm.
Edition: 85 000 copies.

“Nord Stream" is the main gas pipeline connecting Russia and the countries of the central Europe on bottom of the Baltic Sea bypassing the transit states: Belarus, Poland and other East Europe and Baltic countries. Construction of the gas pipeline began in 2010, the first stage of the gas pipeline is placed in operation in November, 2011.


Ukraine. "Paradise for beggars and clowns"

On October 4, 2012 the post of Ukraine introduces into circulation a postage block of 4 values devoted to the 200 anniversary of the Nikita botanical garden in Crimea - the oldest research establishment. On stamps in block are presented the garden noteworthy places: Arbor, Administration building, Orchestra seats, Ekhinotsereus (cactus).

Artist of stamps and cancel - Nikolay Kochubey.
Multicolored; printing – offset, foil stamping.
Perforation frame - 11 1/2.

Size of Block - 125 x 80 mm.
Size of stamps in Block - 38,28х31,32 mm, 45,24х31,32 mm, 50,46х33,06 mm
Protection: microprint "М. Кочубей". In UV light are shine the arbor, administrative case, elements of orchestra seats and Ekhinotsereus.
Edition - 91 000 copies.
Printed on SE “Integrated Printing Plant “Ukraina” for production of securities”.

The Nikita botanical garden is located on the Southern coast of Crimea between the settlement Nikita and the Black Sea. The world popularity to the garden was brought by its unique tree nursery being the card of the USSR botanical science and finished to complete decline for twenty years' history of the Ukrainian independence.

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