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Ukraine. The Martha Lane

The Maidan is a socio-political phenomenon in modern Ukraine which is characterized by confluence of big groups of people of various nationalities, age, faiths, educational and professional level on a main square of the Ukrainian capital for expression of a peace protest of citizens against the policy pursued by executive and legislative branches of the power, and is concrete, the president, parliament and the government. The Kiev Maidan is characterized by mass character, enthusiasm and high organization of its participants. Thus the most part of citizens has no mercenary motives. Their protest has ideological, patriotic character.

In release "The Maidan field mail" on website UkraFil it was reported about creation on place of Independence of Kiev by group of volunteers the charitable post service for the purpose of the organization of the free post message as between participants of a peace protest on the Maidan and beyond its limits, and with various government bodies and officials. In February the project existed only a week. Bloody opposition in the center of Kiev practically buried it. All property of volunteers was lost in fire, and the post service almost broke up. However, the need for it not only didn't disappear, but also gained special relevance.

At the end of February the volunteers gathered again to revive a charitable event taking into account new realities. The group of young people of 5-7 volunteers which leaders are Lvov natives Marta Ch. and Yury R. became initiators of the project. Having held long consultations with "Ukrposhta's" employees and representatives of club of philatelists, children organized the real post service in field conditions of a live Maidan. At the expense of personal means and donations are made the cancels and tampons, are prepared the envelopes, are are published the local stamps-labels, are made the overprints on the ukrainian definitive stamps. The main distinctive feature of post service of Maidan is a free mail service. Anyone can receive free of charge clean sheets of paper for the letter, envelopes with stamps in advance pasted on them and, through field mail, to send letters, as on the Maidan territory, and across Ukraine, and sometimes to abroad.

Revival of the Maidan field post took place on March 1. This date is also was the First Day of the memorable issue "Maidan Tragedy". From this point the post service functions daily. It settles down depending on weather or near the central entrance of the central post office, or near a subway. Schedule of its work: from 12 to 16 on weekdays and from 11 to 17 on the days off. Daily through field mail passes more than 100 departures. The volunteers are going to work disinterestedly until while there is exists a tent town on the Maidan.

For the past two weeks from the moment of opening of the field mail several hundreds wishing have already used these charitable services. At website UkraFil’s forum in section "Maidan Field Mail" are presented some photos of the improvised post office, its organizers and participants, and also a fragments of correspondence which passed through field mail.

P.S. The field mail is such type of post service in the peace time which organization of work is carried out by means of unusual post departments.
P.S.S. "Any good deed shouldn't remain unpunished".


Ukraine. The Maidan field mail

Current year in February by a few volunteers of encampment on the place of the Independence in Kiev on a verbal concordance with the commandant of Maidan is organized a postal service. It aim was to help demonstrators in the centre of Kiev by means of postal mails (letters and cards) not only to direct a letter to the public and opposition agents but also exchange with each other writing reports. And also, by means of the "Ukrposhta" services to carry out any postal mails outside Maidan: on the districts of Kiev in any settlement of Ukraine or foreign country.

By the volunteers were organized two impromptu postal windows. One as a postal office was in the “Ukrainian House”, other is a temporal tent with a desktop - near underground passage opposite a general post-office. An informative board was there located and an own mailbox is set. All postal services did by volunteers free of charge. For the writing correspondence intended to the addressees on Maidan, it was enough to sign an envelope and, either to put into one of five mailboxes or hand to the volunteer from hands in hands. Delivery of letters came true 1-2 times per a day.

For payment of postal mails outside Maidan were used any operating Ukrainian postage stamps as a rule, a definitive stamps. The postal payment signs were purchased by volunteers on "Ukrposhta", both for the personal funds and due to the money offering of citizens feeling for demonstrators. To part of definitive stamps was printed additional text "Польова пошта Майдану" (Field mail of Maidan) that is called to underline belonging of correspondence to the certain historical moment. To the participants of peaceful protest on Maidan the stamps and envelopes were given free of charge in any amount. All postal correspondence was paid for the operating tariffs of Ukrainian mail. Simple letters went down in mailboxes on a general post-office. The registered post had to be sent from the "loyal" post offices. in times of working of the field mail the several hundred sending was sent by demonstrators.

At disposal of website UkraFil there is a few tens of the letters prepaid by definitive stamps with overprints "Польова пошта Майдану", really getting through mail. And also several of unused (mint) stamps with overprints. The detailed information about this emission will be presented on a website as far as an accumulation and analysis of information and study of this question. The collected materials it is planned to publish later.

This release was prepared to the publication, when bloody events began on Maidan, in other districts of Kiev and country. The Maidan field mail burned out and now hardly able to renew the work. Peaceful protest of people outgrew in the armed collisions. The state got up on the way of fratricidal civil war. Home and foreign "fighters for democracy" - the players in geopolitics to that the peaceful Ukrainian citizens took up arms and began to kill each other. Ukraine, what we knew her before, left off existing. And can yet not late think again and stop a self-destruction? No, even noblest aspirations, can not be prepaid by human lives!

P.S. The names and mailing addresses are remote an administrator on ethic considerations.


Ukraine. Invaders or Liberators?

Today, on November 6, 2013 is celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of the Ukraine capital, city - hero Kiev from the fascist aggressors. With festive congratulations the President of Ukraine addressed to the war veterans, the Kiev inhabitants and all Ukrainian people.
The state enterprise "Ukrposhta" also seeks to march in step over time. For coming nearer heroic-historical date to the 70 anniversary of liberation of Ukraine from the German-fascists occupation which will be celebrated next year in October, the post workers prepared beforehand a pre-paid cover which design was offered by an employees of the National Museum of the Great Patriotic War history. The artist of cover Anatoly Musiyenko – author of the previous postage envelopes published by program "family memory about war".

In memory of the Ukraine liberation this year in October is introduced into post circulation a pre-paid envelope printed by edition of semi-million copies. The picture on cover reproduces a fragment of meeting of the Ukraine inhabitants by a soldier-liberators.  Background drawing is the historical schematic map of operations of 1941 on defeat of parts of Red Army and capture of the Ukrainian territory by the German Wehrmacht armies.

In light of recent attempts by the separatist Ukrainian ideologues, "liberal reformers" and the leaders of the "color revolutions" in favor of a national ideology and political interests distort the memory of the Great Patriotic War and rewrite recent history, like "post" is not accidental incident. The museum workers and issue author could represent the envelope map of offensive operations of the Red Army in 1944 for the liberation of Ukraine. Instead, they prefer to present a very different episode of the war, having called it "Liberation of Ukraine".


Ukraine. The news without innovations

According to the message published on "Ukrposhta" website on August 19, 2013 the post of Ukraine entered the market of advertising services with the new "innovative" offer - a next issue of "Personal stamp". It is supposed that the various enterprises and the organizations will want to advertise the product by means of signs of post payment. Therefore to the new edition of personal stamp there was no personal name, only the laconic and indistinct "P-16".
The Information about a new edition of "Personal stamp" is published on UkraFil website on rubruc "News".


Considering the fact that this year the world scientific and cultural community celebrates the 50th anniversary of space flight of the first-ever female astronaut many post administrations of the countries of the former USSR and other states celebrated this event with post issues. However, the Ukrainian mail which continued declared from year to year the status of the great space power Ukraine, not only didn't plan the edition of any post issue devoted to V. Tereshkova, but also pretended as if this event in any way doesn't affect her.


In this regard the website UkraFil undertook to correct flaws of "innovative advanced" post functionaries, which non-professionally and   have thoughtlessly made the "promotion" to doubtful companies instead of consistently being engaged in the direct duties - to provide quality of post services.
The UkraFil administration suggests to study own version of the Ukrainian stamps devoted to the history of domestic astronautics and female astronaut Valentina Tereshkova. Similar plots could be presented on the Ukrainian stamps if on "Ukrposhta" was someone who be engaged in mail and philately, instead of various nonsense, anything and in any way not attached with post.


Transnistria. Tie-break

The third and, encouraging, the last part of the fascinating saga about rich and various fauna of the reserve Yagorlyk. The issue is presented by the post of Transnistria past Wednesday. On August 14, 2013 the company "Marka Pridnestrovya" held a solemn presentation of the postage issue including a set of 4 values, block and a collective mini sheet named "Animals - inhabitants of the Reserve Yagorlyk".

The details about a new postage issue of Transnistria will be presented on website Ukrafil on rubric "News" soon.

In the closest plans of the Transnistrian post the date appears on September 8 will the edition of the post block in souvenir folder "The Patriarch Moscow and all Russia Cyril’s Visit in Transnistria".
Remain on website UkraFil! Fascinating news is coming. The republics of the former USSR post administrations prepare more many interesting and unusual.


South Ossetia. A gift to the Kremlin

On August 14, 2013 in the capital of the Republic South Ossetia Tskhinval city took place a ceremony of cancelation of the first South Ossetia stamp. The president of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov, Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Nikolay Nikiforov, members of the government of the republic and the Russian delegation of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications took part in action. On the stamps which issue is dated for Day of recognition of independence of South Ossetia, the coat of arms and a republic flag are represented. Issue is printed in Goznak's printing house of the Russian Federation.

The first two letters paied by the South Ossetia postage stamps are sent to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the head of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. The postage issue of South Ossetia will be presented also in the Internet resource catalog soon Ukrafil and dispatched to the collectors who have issued the subscription on South Ossetia stamps.


Transnistria. "The tough nuts"

"I shouted:  "You that there, were stunned?
That you dropped chess prestige".
And I was told in our sports department:
"Here it is fine, and you will it protect".

On May 26, 2013 Transnistrian post throughout the cycle "Well-known Fellow Countrymen" plans to introduce into circulation a set of 2 values and block in memory of the known Soviet chess player, original grand master Anatoly Lutikov (1933-1989). The participant of the many international tournaments, several championships on chess of RSFSR and USSR A.Lutikov is the most eminent chess theorist of Transdnistria.

The stamps are printed in three types of mini sheets with decorating margins.
Author: Vsevolod Lavrentiev
Artist: Boris Ogli
Computer layout: Sergey Tkachiov.

The subject of chess philately is a debut for the Transnistrian post. And, as in chess, the main thing is not to lose an initiative and speed.
"I won't tell that was without fervent.
There were anonymous letters and calls.
I only am provoked by all this,
Even fists were combed".
Vladimir Vysotsky "The
chess crown honour".

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